We are aware that these are difficult times and we grieve with those who are suffering because of prejudice and the ensuing social unrest and those who are suffering due to the pandemic. We agree that this website is frivolous under these circumstances, and in no way do we trivialize any of the problems we face in this world.

Welcome Music Lovers. This is going to be an equipment review site with you in mind. I will not be talking about Porsche’s, cigars or Rolex watches, just real world equipment to hear the musicality  in the recording.

In House

Innous Zenith Mk3 Music Server

Under Review

Florida Audio Expo 2021


“We sincerely appreciate the exhibitors, consumers, and media that support us,” says Bart Andeer, co-founder and operations manager of the Florida Audio Expo. “This decision isn’t the outcome we hoped to announce, but in our estimation, is the best option for our event given the information available at this time. We will always put our customers’ well being first. We remain vigilant and hope that 2022 will bring new opportunities to come together and celebrate our love for music.”

Video chat with Lou Hinkley of Daedalus Audio!!!

Review of the BorderPatrol  SE-i Non-OverSampling DAC

Review of the Mullard 12AT7 from UpScale Audio

Review of the EleKit TU-8800 SET Kit

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